Artist in Residence - AIR

USF har lang erfaring med drift av internasjonale gjestekunstnerordninger.

AiR Bergen at USF - international residency:
The Council of Bergen and Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF offers a residency to professional artists of all fields. The aim is to strengthen, promote and develop a collaboration between contemporary artists in Bergen and foreign artists.

The residency is open to artists of all fields: visual artists, curators, craft artists, writers, film directors, film makers, dancers, choreographers, theatre and stage artists, performance artists, composers, musicians, audio and new media artists. The residencies for fine artists and craft artists are open only to non- Nordic citizens. Artists from all other fields may be citizens of a Nordic country, except Norway.

We offer a 3 months residency at USF Verftet in a rent free studio and additional accommodation. There are two studios and two small apartments available. These are located at USF Verftet, an old sardine factory converted into a large and diverse arts- and culture centre. More information at
Application deadline for residencies in 2018 is March 1st 2017.

For mer informasjon om gjestekunstnerordningene, kontakt Line Nord tlf. 55 30 74 14 /