Utstilling: Mathijs van Geest - Autumn of the alphabet

Pay attention to where you walk, to what you look at. Don´t fall asleep just yet. Ideas come in the night, materials in the day. I´m almost asleep. I´m almost making something.

Through new sculptures, video, printed matter and text, a correlative will be drawn between the categorised object and poetic text.

The works by Mathijs van Geest (b.1985, The Netherlands) derive from constantly relating to our temporal behaviour. Through the smallest details of our daily surrounding he develops a sculptural practice that is analytical and responsive. Observation and its relating activities: collecting, documenting and the pointing of the index finger are reoccurring starting points.

"I am interested in what happens when objects, bodies and spaces intersect: that place where bits of matter pass through, inside, around and near each other, thereby becoming óf each other."
The works in this exhibition are ‘documented’ results: a carefully assembled environment resulting in an exhibitions and a publication.

Mathijs van Geest studied at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and National Academy of Arts and Design in Bergen. Recent projects and exhibitions have taken place at Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn; H Miniscule, Clermont Ferrand; Peach, Rotterdam; Norwegian Sculpture Biennale in Oslo; Tag Team, Bergen; Entrée Bergen  Pracownia Portretu, Łodz; Ancien Musée de Peinture, Grenoble and EKKM Museum of Contemporary Art in Tallinn. Earlier this year he finished a three-month residency at Helsinki International Artist Program (HIAP).
Mathijs van Geest co-runs a small publishing project names Apis Press and he has a position as associate curatorial at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen.

With contributions by: Victoria Durnak, Kristina Ketola Bore and Mikko Kuorinki
Made possible by:
Helsinki International Artist Program (HIAP)
Norsk Kulturråd
Image: Periodic Roots (2017)

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