METEOR: Close Up #1

Alessandro Sciarroni in conversation with Frontlosjen

The overarching theme of the discursive program at this year’s festival is Zooming Out – a title that refers to the camera lens's ability to redefine a specified section and to open the parameters to include a larger image, a wider frame. In our everyday life, we usually have enough with our own, our 'private narratives'. One can easily be overwhelmed by all the individual cases that fight for our attention. We want to contribute to getting an overview, to identify contexts and motivation.

Moving in to a close-up or away from a close-up is a common type of zooming. Sometimes we need to go closer on a person or an object to better understand the bigger frame. During Meteor 2017 we will do CLOSE UPs to get a more intimate view at Alessandro Sciarroni, Sarah Vanhee, Jacob Wren and Tormod Carlsen.

Live in Visningsrommet USF!

Friday 20.10.17, 15:00
Alessandro Sciarroni in conversation with Frontlosjen

Saturday 21.10.17, 15:00
Sarah Vanhee and Jacob Wren in conversatin with Idun Vik

Tuesday 24.10.17, 15:00
Tormod Carlsen in conversation with Gulli Kr. Sekse

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