Jérôme Chazeix: The Coat of Hipness

Jérôme Chazeix is a french-german artist in residency at USF. He present the result of his residency in a performance installation
By considering the hipster trends and the disappearance of the value of the image and the culture in an internet stream, Chazeix created prints for a fashion collection with leggings, vest tops, bomber jackets and caps. With new textile works, video and music - this collection will be staged in a poetical powerful performance.
Jérôme Chazeix’ s works are contemporary syntheses of the arts (Gesamtkunstwerke). The focus of his artistic oeuvre lies in the combination of different media and their cross-references. Sculptures, videos, music and costumes are preferred elements of his artistic work and its installations, environments and performances. The interplay and the fusion of these disciplines results in a complex scenario. Performances, which form part of the whole concept, are frequently executed in the installations and permanently presented as videos.
Chazeix was born in France in 1976 and has been living in Berlin since 2000. Between 1994 and 2002 he studied Fine Arts at the University of Saint-Etienne (F) and graduated with a thesis on Synthesis of the Arts (Gesamtkunstwerke). Between 1995 and 2000 he in parallel pursued and graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from the School of Art in Saint-Etienne (F). Between 2000 and 2004 he was «Meisterschüler» of Katharina Grosse at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art. His recent solo exhibitions in 2017 include: L´oeil du poisson in Québec (CA), Galerie 21 Vorwerksstift in Hamburg, projectspace Tiefgarage in Köln and Kunstverein Neuköln in Berlin.

Jérôme Chazeix artist-in-residency is supported by the French Institute, Oslo and the norwegian-german Willy-Brandt Foundation.
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