Turn back the time to 1994, to the old mood, the old feeling, the art, the people, the bands..... This is a tribute to the birth of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, and also a trade of skills between bands and tattooers with their heart in metal. A tattoo convention by day, a festival by night

-From 9pm Friday and Saturday, these bands will play special and/or exclusive sets for you! All headliners, all equals:

Enslaved, Aeternus, Gehenna, Hades Almighty and Gaahls Wyrd

Old Funeral, Helheim, Kampfar,Taake and The C.L.A.S.P. Ritual /Dirge Rep ( A Tributeband consisting of legendary musicians such as Dirge Rep himself, Skagg, Gaahl, Garm and many more! You don't want to miss this !)

-From 12:00 to 8pm these amazing tattooers will work their magic on bandmembers and audience, be sure to book your appointment early with your chosen artist!
-Tattoos by Nurse Izzy, Benjamin Moss, Uncle Allan, Colin Dale,
Trine Grimm Tattoo, Phil Kyle II, KALI Tattoo, Welt YamaTattoo, Dagfinn S. Bjelland, Renathe H. Bryn, Trym Torson, Tim Lehi,
Nick Morte Art, Kelly Doty, Jon Clue, Lior Cifer, Espen Mørken,
Kai Uwe Faust, Tor Ola Svennevig,

Some of the movies we watched over and over again in the beginning of the 90s, inspiring in their mood and estetics, will be shown at the venues own cinema, CinemateketUSF!
-German Angst, NEKRomantik 1&2, Der Todesking,
Eraserhead (1977) and Freaks(1932)!
Jörg Buttgereit himself, the director of several of these movies, are coming to BlekkMetal to be part of a Q&A about his movies and to screen his latest movie, German Angst!

We proudly host Gaahls debut art-exhibition! Also works by Tania Stene (responsible for album artwork like DarkthronesTaakeferd, Ulvers Nattens Madrigal and two Burzum albums) will be exhibited. Neseblod Blackmetal Museum will show some of their amazing collection, and Anders Røkkum will also show his artwork! In addition, several of the tattooers will also exhibit artwork!

Live from the stage at daytime!
Spoken Word by Eirik 'Pytten' Hundvin, the producer and recording engineer for so many of the legendary classic albums you love! Having worked with bands like Mayhem, Immortal, Burzum, Old Funeral, Helheim, Emperor, Enslaved and Aeternus in his studio at Grieghallen, he will speak of the sound, the experiences, the music.... Don't miss this!

Grimposiums Vivek Venkatesh will interview members of Enslaved and Helheim live on stage during daytime at Blekkmetal,- about how their lyrical narratives and their musical craft have been influenced by their Viking roots and traditions.

Tattoocontests and more still to come....

BlekkMetal will only happen once. Never again. Limited to 500 tickets, you better book your ticket fast to be a part of this unique event!

Tickets: Festival pass ( 3 days of tattooconvention/ happenings + 2 evenings of concerts) - 1620 nkr.
Single ticket Friday: 800,-
Single ticket Saturday: 800,-

Link: http://blekkmetal.ticketco.no/blekkmetal

Entrance for only tattooconvention (12:00-20:00) will be sold at the entrance,- 150,- for 1 day, 350,- for all 3 days

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