Borealisfestival: Roberto Pugliese - The Space of a Year

Roberto Pugliese er artist in residence på USF. I samarbeid med Borealisfestivalen presenterer han et work-in-progress og et stykke live electronics

Foredraget holdes på engelsk // The talk presentation will be held in English

Roberto Pugliese
Roberto Pugliese will present his work in progress the space of a year, as well as giving a short performance for live electronics in which the sound of melting ice is processed real-time. Its complete liquefaction marks the end of the performance. The source has vanished. The performance will combine these live elements with field recordings based on the soundscape of Fortapt i naturen (lost in nature) by Thorolf Thuestad.

Fortapt i naturen

“My father, Alfred, loved to be in the nature, pick berries, fishing, hiking. When he moved to a home for the elderly and got dependent on a wheel chair, his contact with nature became less frequently. The parkinson disease caused him to lose the ability to speak, but he always wanted to go outside. This he signaled by rocking his body back and forth as to say, “i want out, i want out!” – Irene Nygårdsvik, Spekulatoriet AS

In 2011, Thorolf Thuestad and Roar Sletteland interviewed residents at homes for the elderly in Bergen. They talked about sounds from nature and other sounds remembered from their childhood. Thuestad and Sletteland then went into the countryside with members of Bergen Turlag over 70s members and recorded some of the sounds recollected, along with other sounds from nature. This, along with the interviews, formed the source material for Fortapt i naturen.
This project was a collaboration between Borealis, Bergen Turlag and Spekulatoriet.

Gratis adgang

Sted: Artist in residence studio på USF, rom 355, like ved Skrivekunstakademiet i tredje etasje.

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