The Zero Dollar Laptop project aims to change the way we all think about technology.
"The emergence of the zero dollar laptop as a key computing platform for empowering individuals, stimulating creativity, overcoming poverty and enriching our shared culture is entirely feasible without any additional research, design, or manufacture." The Zero Dollar Laptop Manifesto, James Wallbank Sept 2007
The Zero Dollar Laptop project develops creativity, technology skills and environmental awareness. It proposes to reuse the millions of redundant laptops currently gathering dust on shelves in homes and offices across Britain and to connect people to new knowledge networks in the process; in the case of this first series of workshops, to people who are best placed to make use of the laptops and benefit from a new set of technical, and media skills.
This work changes the way we think about technology by a shift emphasis; from high-status consumer technologies to customised tools-for-the-job and smart, connected users.

Zero Dollar Laptop uses only Free and Open Source Software which extends the useful life a computer by up to 5 years.

This presentation by workshop leader Jake Harries will be about the wider project aims and specifically about the theory and practical realities of the first ZDLT project with 18 homeless people at the St.Mungos Charity for the Homeless, Kensington, London.

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