UKI game level one - infect the city - Shu Lea Cheang, Massimo Avvisati, Jara Rocha

UKI game level one [infect the city] designates UKI as meta-sexual viral agents to ‘gesturally" infect the city and the world.UKI , a sequel to Cheang's cyberpunk sci-fi movie I.K.U (2000, an Uplink Tokyo production), is structured both a viral performance - live code live spam and a viral game in two levels - infect the city and enter the bionet.

I.K.U. tells the story of GENOM Corp, a net-porn enterprise who dispatches I.K.U. coders to collect orgasm data. Made into mobilephone chip, GENOM introduces orgasm on the go and makes a huge profit. In post-netcrash UKI, the data deprived I.K.U. coders are dumped on the Etrashscape where coders, twitters, networkers crush and crashed. Exchanging sex for code, code sexing code, UKI as virus emerge admist noise blast while GENOM retreats to BioNet.

GENOM CORP. takes human body hostage to initiate BioNet, a network made up of microcomputing cells. With genetic engineering, the red blood cells (erythrocytes) are formatted as autonomous cellular computing units engaging in re-programming human orgasm. Code named "ORGANISMO", GENOM is to re-invent human orgasm into "self-sustained pleasure". Another profitable sex scheme for GENOME CORP. conspired without any precaution for damaging the biosphere.

UKI game level one [infect the city] Invites the public to sign on as viral agents using

API Geolocation interface to spread UKI virus. This level one game is designed to mobilized UKI viral force. During the level one, the viral agents through infection rate can be upgraded to

superagents and be advanced to game level two [enter the bionet] in which UKI virus infiltrate GENOM's BioNet and sabotage the blood cells' production of ORGANISMO. As a collective game, the players jointly defeat the blood cells by numbers. UKI virus aims to reclaim the lost orgasm (data). END GAME / COLLECTIVE ORGANISMO, This is love. This is not sex.


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