Filtered Intimacy - Wendy Ann Mansilla, Paula Pin, Maria Mitsopoulou

Filtered Intimacy is a performance piece that experiments and explores the physical and virtual connection of the body. This relationship of the body to the physical stage and online is realized by using sensors and circuits attached on the skin. Through the physical movements of the bodies, the artists seeks to examine the potential synchrony produced in activating the digital slaves to generate a concert of noise and harmony. While at the same time, a visual composition is shown on screen gathering new data from a variety of social network sites every few minutes. The system searches these sites for dialogues between the interpretation of the actual body performing on-stage, the technology and the ecosystem; collects and stores them in a computer. Every movement and image that appears is creating a harmony of sound. In Filtered Intimacy, the potential of using various sources of sounds are explored, from the live physical bodily performance and from the networks` live performance.

Filtered Intimacy explains the state of the body as being filtered online. By performing Filtered Intimacy, the artists interprets the cyberspace as being abode of bodies that are pursuing to understand and achieve the perfect state. There, our bodies are seeking ways to break out of reality only to be confronted with failure. The very moment that our bodies enter the intimate lives of others through computers and communication space, we are losing parts of our flesh. In the electronic space, we are leaving fragments of our bodies behind. We are unaware that the energies in our body can pass through the network cables and affect another entity. Beyond thinking, our body is speaking in the interconnected universe. The body and the universe are inseparable, and in the darkness they are in union, reproducing an infinite amount of light and sound. Continuously searching perfect flows to the point of disfunction. When disorder happens, concrete landscapes are married with abstract images where flesh and circuits are made one.



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