Fjellet. Regi: Ole Giæver, Norway, 2011. Manus: Ole Giæver. Foto: Øystein Mamen. Musikk: Ola Fløttum. Medv: Ellen Dorrit Petersen and Marte Magnusdotter Solem. Norwegian language, English subtitles. DCP, color, 1 h 19 min.

The Mountain
This is the story of Nora and Solveig, a grief-stricken couple on a hike through the mountain range where they had a traumatic experience two years prior.

Nora and Solveig are hiking through a snow-covered, rough, but beautiful scenery on a tour of several days that will take the two young women to the top of a mountain. Solveig, three months pregnant, seems incapable of doing anything the way Nora wants her to. The further the women advance on their trip, the closer they come to the place where a tragic accident happened two years earlier; one that changed their lives completely.

Solveig hopes that the trip will set in motion a process of soul-searching that will help them to cope with their grief and give their relationship a chance. But although their plan sounds sensible, in reality, it proves to be a painful process during which all their pent-up bitterness, hurt feelings and fears gradually surface. The closer the women get to the site of the accident, the more they seem to be drifting towards the end of their relationship.

Ole Giæver was born and raised in Tromsø. He graduated from the Nordland Art and Film School in Lofoten, and the Konstfack in Stockholm. He has been nominated for the European Film Awards for Best Short Film in 2007 for Tommy, and the Amanda Award for Best Screenplay for Sommerhuset in 2008.

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