Anders, who has just passed his student exam, runs away from home with Gerd, the loose-moralled daughter of an unmarried saleswoman, in the face of the parents' disapproval. In order to remove her from her bad company in the town, Anders takes her to a deserted farm where he teaches her, somewhat against her will, the joys of simple living. Anders' father and Gerd's mother trace the couple and try to persuade them to come home, but accept their decision to stay.

One day the owner of the farm, Bengt, arrives. He persuades them to help him steal food from the local shop. Gerd is somewhat attracted by him, and tries to use him to get away from Anders with whom she is getting bored. The police come to arrest Anders for the theft (Bengt and Gerd are hiding on top of the barn), but he is later released and returns to the farm convinced that Bengt has seduced Gerd.

A low-key opening with the youngsters driving tenseley through the dusk, and long flashbacks to their unhappy meetings before, leads one to expect yet another picture of misunderstood youth in the underworld of the city. But it turns into quite a charming film with a strong moral purpose. The lack of pompousness and the sympathetic observation of the characters make up for a certain superficiality, and the clichés are treated so lightly that they seem almost fresh.

Ung flukt. Regi: Edith Carlmar, Norge, 1959. Manus: Otto Carlmar, based on Nils Johan Rud's novel . Foto: Sverre Bergli. Musikk: Bjarne Amdahl. Medv: Liv Ullmann, Atle Merton, Rolf Søder, Nanna Stenersen, Randi Brænne, Tore Foss among others. Print: NFI utenlandsavdelingen. Norwegian language, English subtitles. 35 mm, b/w, 1 t 35 min.

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