The Basstronomisk Institutt Saga fortsetter og slår til med et live set fra Jazzsteppa (UK), som løfter taket med sin blytunge dubstep. Med trommesett, trombone, laptop og mikrofon viser Gal Bar-Adon & Gal Moore at dubstep fungerer utrolig bra live.

Arrangøren skriver:
In December 2006, an old torn down Jazz club in East Berlin was transformed into a two week mini festival of Jazz and electronic experimentation. Jazz musicians, producers and Dj's from all over Europe came to take part in the project which would later evolve to form JazZstePpa. The hosts of the event: Gal Bar-Adon & Gal Moore, both jazz musicians, found a growing fascination in the world of sound experimentation and electronic music. Together with German sound fanatic "Katalyze", JazZstePpa created their early sound, merging elements of Dubstep, D&B, Hard-Bop and Dancehall.

Throughout 2007, JazZstePpa toured the UK, Germany and Israel, gaining a lot of interest from big name Dj's such as Dj Maxximus, Scuba & Joe Nice (New-York) as well as airplay on many pirate radio stations in London and Online (React FM, Reload-Radio, Sub FM). The collective philosophy of JazZstePpa lead the crew to collaborate and experiment with brass players, beat makers and producers from all over Europe (Rusko, Mack Jiggah and Untold just to name a few). The crew's first release in 2008, "Jakin / two", was released on Hotflush Records, (home to: Benga, Elemental, Scuba & Luke Envoy). Another JazZstePpa track, "one" was the opening track of the "Space & Time" compilation (along with; Vex'd, Boxcutter and Toasty) JazZstePpa's second release "five / AmeriCa B", released on Mental Groove Subsidiary- MG77, accompanies JazZstePpa's into a busy summer of touring and recordings.

Their music has all the strength and the deepness of the dubstep genre, but the live horns introduce a fresh and sensual feeling to these sophisticated rave bangers. It seems that they're only beginning to refine their own vision. The JazZstePpa LP is on the Horizon, and we can be sure that this unique collective will keep pushing boundaries and surprising us with great, fresh music.

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