Norwegian film, english subtitles.

deUSYNLIGE. Regi: Erik Poppe, Norway, 2008. Manus: Harald Rosenløw Eeg. Foto: John Christian Rosenlund. Musikk: Johan Söderqvist. Medv: Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Trine Dyrholm, Trond Espen Seim, Terje Strømdahl, Frank Kjosås, Anneke von der Lipppe, Stig Henrik Hoff among others. Norwegian language, English subtitles. 35mm, colour, 2 h 1 min.

Troubled Water
Jan Thomas is given an early release for from prison for good behaviour after he have served eight years of a sentence for killing a little boy. Jan Thomas claims it was an accident, but the court did not belive him. In prison he has been trained to become a divenly gifted organist, and is given a deputyship in a church to play. The priest is Anna, a single mother that Jan Thomas soon feels attracted to and she seems to fancy him as well. Then Agnes, a teacher, comes on a school visit to the church. She recognizes the organist Jan Thomas as the young boy who was convicted of the murder of her son.

Troubled Water skilfully combines two strong stories about people who try to come to terms with the past - and with their own fate. They try to accept who they have become, and to find a new way to relate to love.

Director Erik Poppe is educated as a still photographer and worked actively as a pictorial journalist for the news agency Reuters and the newspaper VG from 1983 until 1987 when he got educated as a cinematographer at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm. He has directed commercials, music-, short- and documentary films as well as being a cinematographer on several features before he did his debut as a feature film director with Schpaa in 1998. Troubled Water is his third film - his second one was Hawaii, Oslo (2004).



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