Bergen Reggae Festival, King Klang Lydsystem og Cushion presenterer Maffi og MC Soom-T fra Jahtari-labelen.

Arrangøren skriver:

Bergen Reggae Festival, King Klang Lydsystem and Cushion gather all forces and bring to you a galactic BOOM! of digital dancehall n´reggae! Live on stage with fire pon da mics! And of course, lots of niceness will pump through the speakers inna cushion style. Oh yeah!

SATURDAY 23rd OF JAN 2010 @ STUDIO USF MAFFI (DK) & MC SOOM-T (UK) live set! support King Klang Lydsystem (BGO) deko and video madness 22-03.00, CC probably 80 kr.

On stage: Maffi (dk) & Mc Soom-T (uk)

Maffi (firehouse/jahtari label) are experts of making super fresh digital dancehall/reggae riddims. Maffi is a Copenhagen based riddim builder team. Since 2008 they have teamed up with Jahtari, who're running the internationally distributed record label MAFFI out of Leipzig, Germany. So far, they have put out tunes with artists like Solo Banton, Soom T, Mikey Murka and legendary Hopeton Lindo. Nuff future releases are lined up, so keep updated by checking maffi´s player at  Myspace

Maffi's sound is classic 80's digital dancehall, a bit similar to for example "tempo" riddim and songs that were played by the legendary Unity Sounds in UK back then. Maffi focus on delivering music for the high powered sound system. Thick bass, cheap synths and no bullshit. They have made about a hundred digital riddims so far. And they keep spitting them out on a weekly basis.

Maffi is also part of the Danish dancehall sound system FIREHOUSE

Maffi believes in Mono and Reason.

is a true star and she is one of the most talented mcs we have heard. She really captures you with fast and catchy voice full of smashing lyrics! She performed at Bergen Reggae Festival together with Disrupt and it was one of the top shows this year. Respect! Borned in Indonesia and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. Started out with hip-hop and later she got more into soundsystem style. Team up with Mungo´s Hifi and lately her first partner is Disrupt from Jahtari and they travel around the globe. Soom is full of power and she will give you goose bumps (gåsehud). Nuff said! SOOM-T på Myspace.

Support is King Klang Lydsystem, ready to ruel the nation!


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