An-Magritt is raped into life. Her mother is sentenced to the pillory for her sin and then commits suicide. The grandfather is the one who has to raise her. She grows up in a Norwegian mountain village in the 1600s, in a typical male society. She is alone among the men and has to fight the same harsh battles that they do. Through the biting winter cold they drive ore from the mines to the smelting furnaces. To this society of deprivation and struggle comes a remarkable stranger named Johannes. And Johannes brings love to An-Magritt's life. Now a sense of ambition is awakened in her that no one can stop. She is no longer merely fighting against the storms and the cold.

Arne Skouen is a name that evokes associations. Since the 1930s he worked as a journalist, author, dramatist, columnist, and of course film director. Starting in 1949 and for the next two decades he directed and wrote the screenplays for seventeen full-length films, many of which have had a major influence on the development of Norwegian film. In 1991 his film Nine Lives from 1957 was proclaimed the best Norwegian film, and it is one of the few films from Norway to be nominated for an Oscar.

Tekst: NFI

An-Magritt. Regi: Arne Skouen, Norway, 1969. Manus: Arne Skouen, based on Johan Falkberget's novels . Foto: Sven Nykvist. Musikk: Maj and Gunnar Sønstevold. Medv: Liv Ullmann, Wolf von Gersum, Per Oscarsson, Claes Gill, Georg Løkkeberg, Lars Tvinde, among others. Norwegian language, English subtitles. 35mm, colour, 1 h 41 min.

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