Studentersamfunnet: Møte med vinneren av Rafto-prisen 2007

“Birds in cages sing of freedom, birds in freedom fly” -Thorolf Rafto The Thorolf Rafto Foundation for Human Rights was established in 1986 to honour Dr. Rafto who held political and economic freedoms as fundamental. Thorolf Rafto (1922-1986) was a professor of economic history, as well a charismatic and tireless proponent of improving the human rights of those behind the iron curtain in Eastern Europe. Rafto was admired for his unshakeable integrity. “He was a moral pillar, a man of truth when truth counted” said Jiri Hajek, former Czechoslovakian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and one of the leaders of the Charta 77 movement. Every year The Rafto Foundation awards the Rafto Prize to the person or the organisation found most worthy in furthering the principles to which professor Rafto devoted his life. The laureates should be active participants in the struggle for the ideals and principles underlying the Human Rights Charter, or be an embodying symbol of these. Several recipients of the Rafto Prize have later been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, such as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, José Ramos-Horta, Kim Dae-jung and Shirin Ebadi. Together with the Student Society of Bergen, the Rafto Foundation invites you to meet the Rafto Prize laureate of 2007.

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