Film: Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (Flåklypa i engelsk versjon). Regi Ivo Caprino, Norway 1975

Flåklypa Grand Prix. Regi: Ivo Caprino, Norway, 1975. Manus: Kjell Aukrust, Ivo Caprino, Remo Caprino og Kjell Syvertsen. Foto: Ivo Caprino og Charles Patey. Musikk: Bent Fabricius Bjerre. Medv: Leif Juster, Frank Robert, Kari Simonsen, Rolf Just Nilsen among others. English dubbed, no subtitles, 35mm, colour, 1 h 18 min. Pinchcliffe Grand Prix When Pinchcliffe Grand Prix premiered in 1975 it immediately made history. People queued up literally as never before, and critics were more than generous with their superlatives. It was honored “Film of the year” in 1975, and has later been rewarded over and over again. The film has been seen by over 4 million cinemagoers only in Norway, which amounts to just about the whole population. No small effort for a film populated solely by animated puppets. Each country has a film that is loved by just about everyone, and this is the one in Norway. The movie concerns Theodore Rimspoke and his two assistants, the optimistic Sonny Duckworth, the bird with the muffler, felt gumboots and indifferent morals, and Lambert, the somewhat pessimistic, melancholic and cautious hedgehog. The trio inhabit an airy and lush environment at the top of Pinchcliffe, where they earn a living repairing bicycles, making new inventions and manufacturing computerised flagpoles for the Swiss Navy! But then one day, dramatic events take hold! On TV they see that Theodore's former assistant, Rudolph Gore-Slimey, has swiped one of Theodore's great inventions, the super retometric distributor, a gadget that increases the corradial effect by 112%! With the aid of this, he has become a world champion Formula 1 driver, and is now challenging any contender to a race. Step right up, Theodore, step right up… NFI/red.
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