USF is a major institution for art, film and music and creative enterprises in Bergen and Norway

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USF Verftet is an art arena with five venues for presentation of music, theatre, films and contemporary art. 
USF also host the artist residency programme AiR Bergen.

 USF aim to collaborate, strengthen and participate in the development of cultural matters and the creative industry in Bergen. 

USF is organized as a foundation with generous support from Bergen kommune (Bergen council) and private funding.



Enquiries on catering, table reservations and other related to 
the café and restaurant, please call 55 30 40 80 or send an email to


The office is open workdays at 10.00 - 16.00, but we are also likely to be in office before and after these hours. Street adress: Georgernes Verft 12, 5011 Bergen

Phone: +47 55 30 74 10

Promotors of concerts, theatre etc. please contact Mr. Sindre Didriksen,
tlf. 55 30 74 12 / 92 84 84 80 for venue booking.

USF do not book bands and artists. Please contact a local promotor if you
want to perform at the USF venues.

Enquiries on catering, table reservations and other related to the café and
restaurant, please call 55 30 40 80 or send a mail to

Enquiries on studios and office space to let, please call 55 33 57 77.

Enquiries on booking time slots in the rehearsal rooms, please call AKKS, 55 55 75 55.

Enquiries on the enterprises in the USF building, please make direct contact,
see the list of enterprises here.

Enquiries on the artist in residence programme, please contact Ms. Line
Nord, 55 30 74 13.

Enquiries on lost property, please call Kafé Kippers 55 30 40 80 for items lost in the public areas.

For lost property in the music rehearsal studios, please call AKKS, 55 55 75 55.

For lost property in the dance rehearsal studios, please call Bergen
Dansesenter, 55 32 08 66.

For lost property in the cinema, please call Cinemateket USF, 55 31 85 80.

The United Sardine Factory (USF) is located at the Georgernes Verft in Bergen. This old factory was once the largest cannery in Norway. Now, USF is a multiple cultural arena, unique in size and variety. Arts and culture are produced, organised and presented in several forms and genres.

USF Verftet is run by the Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF foundation. Spread out on 12 000 sqm, about 200 people in independent enterprises operate within the areas of art, crafts, music, dance, dramatic art, design and architecture, literature and film. Moreover, one find rehearsal studios for music and accommodation for dance,  and literature. Several cultural organisations and companies involved with the cultural industry are located in the building.

The public arenas
A rich and diverse program is presented, from independent art groups, promotors and festival organisers. About 130.000 visitors come to attend an array of art and cultural events every year.

Cinemateket USF is a 90 seat cinema, a valuable supplement to the Bergen commercial cinema. Cinemateket offer experimental new art films as well as the good old classics. A series of new short films from local film producers are presented every month. Link to the cinema here.

Sardinen USF is a club and concert venue that accommodates 500 people. Every week Bergen Jazzforum hosts concerts given by local musicians as well as international jazz stars. Link to the jazzclub here.

Røkeriet USF is the largest venue and accommodates 1200 people. The area is mainly used for larger concerts in the rock- and jazz genre, sometimes also for theatre, dance and art installations.

Studio USF is the only black box stage in Bergen. This small stage is perfect for theatre, acoustic music, clubbing, dance and performance, especially designed for performers who appreciate close contact with the audience. Studio USF accommodates 130 people.

Visningsrommet USF is a gallery where Norwegian and international artists present contemporary art. Visningsrommet USF is an experimental and non-commercial gallery.

Kafe Kippers is the rallying point of artists and the public, located on the pier accommodating Bergen's largest outdoor restaurant in the summertime, where 500 quests can enjoy the most beautiful fjord views as well as the sunset.

The production areas
A rich and diverse acivity of artists, creative enterprises, art organisations and educational establishments are located to the USF building. Among these are:
- 60 studios where 80 professional fine artists and craft artists work
- Two guest studios for international artists
- Offices for a broad range of organisations in music, film and literature.
- Several companies producing and distributing film and media.
- A number of interior architects and furniture designers.
- Educational institutions in dance and literature.
- Rehearsal studios for jazz and rock musicians.