METEOR: Seminar - International strategy and touring #2 workshop

This workshop is an opportunity to increase the knowledge about international networks, international contexts & markets and sharing good practises.
The workhop is held at Røkeriet Mezzanine at USF.
Thursday October 24th and Friday October 25th from 10.00 to 17.00.
Seminar fee: 450 NOK incl. lunch, coffee, tea
Participants have to attend the 2 days of workshop.
The workshop will be conducted in English.

More info on the Seminar FB event page here.

Touring internationally generates a geographical, aesthetical, artistic, intellectual and professional mobility. It is challenging for the artistic work (how the show will be considered in another cultural context) but also in terms of administration, production and technical aspects. This mobility is already in process during all the steps which are taking place before the touring itself.

In order to be able to tour internationally, it is important to think out of the box, take a step back, to define the relevant strategies, realistic goals and implement the resources, while leveraging all the external elements. Indeed, many parameters have to be taken into account.

The second workshop about “International strategy and touring” will offer the opportunity to work in depth on defining and implementing international development. It aims to give to the participants the possibility to work on their own international strategy and on its implementation.

- Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland is based in Paris (France) and Bergen (Norway), and has been working as a producer/manager for the past 15 years - working internationally with international artists.

- Alix Sarrade is a French producer & distribution manager. After graduating in economics & management in the cultural field, she worked at Bureau Cassiopee for 5 years for the administration of Gisele Vienne and Herman Diephuis' companies.

Profile of the participants :
Norwegian & international producers, directors of production, project managers, touring/distribution managers, working in companies, venues or festivals, who are willing to develop an international touring strategy or are currently doing it. Experience of touring nationally is required.
The workshop is open for the participants of the former workshop “International strategy and touring #1” and for new comers.

Deadline for applying: October 10th 2013 by e-mail to karoline@bit-teatergarasjen.no.
Send a short text explaining your motivation and why it’s relevant for you to attend this workshop.

International Strategy & Touring #2 is a collaboration between BIT Teatergarasjen/METEOR 2013, Bureau Cassiopée and Proscen and is supported by Danse- og Teatersentrum (Performing Arts Hub Norway), Bergen Kommune and Fritt Ord.

More info on the Seminar FB event page here.
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