EXILES: Kort dokumentar, program 2

Jag reser från land til land - G. Alhgren/E. Jönsson, Sverige, 2013 Grenseland - Lowri Rees, Norge, 2006 Hamedullah The Road Home - Sue Clayton, UK, 2011 Beyond Hope, I still won´t give up - Anna Padilla, Sverige, 2012 Intervju med Madhi - Anita Hillestad, Norge, 2011 La meg bli - av 16 år gammel anonym asylsøker, Norge 2013

Alle Exiles-filmene har gratis adgang.

Dette programmet med seks filmer starter kl. 12.00 på lørdag 6. april og kl. 15.00 på søndag 7. april.

Jag reser från land til land, 20 min
Kaled is twelve years old, and he is hiding in secret together with his family in Sweden. They are without papers and apply for an asylum. The family has been for a while in Germany and Norway, nobody knows for how long. One day the mother disappears, and Kaled is told that she is put in jail. What happens next? Kaled lives in insecurity. The teacher at school is the only one knowing about Kaled living his life in secret, to her he can speak about his problems. One morning the mother is back with the family, and they leave for Norway, but they soon return to Sweden. Nobody knows where Kaleds journey will end.


Grenseland, 24 min
Trandum is an asylum seekers’ holding and remand centre located beside the east runway at Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport. In spring 2006 the Lawyer Association’s Human Rights Committee criticised the centre for abusing basic human rights. The film illustrates the life behind locked doors at Trandum and aims to generate reflection about current immigration policies.


Hamedullah: The Road Home, 23 min
Filmmaker Sue Clayton refers to them as ‘secret children’ – the hundreds of child refugees who have arrived on their own in the UK yet face an uncertain future once they reach 18. Protected by laws governing minors they settle into life in Britain, yet once they officially become adults many are deported back to the countries they have fled from. Clayton captures this reality for one young man, Hamedullah Hassany, who finds himself transported from his life in the UK back to Afghanistan where he has little choice but to live on the streets. Having given Hamedullah a camera he documents the struggle of living in a country where he has no family, few friends and no support system.


Beyond Hope, I Still Won't Give Up, 29 min
Documentary on Swedish immigration politics. Aida refuses to accept that Sweden expels people to countries which cannot guarantee their safety. Refusing to turn a blind eye to Sweden’s inhumane asylum politics, she struggles for the right of asylum-seekers to residence permits in Sweden. A film about courage, about not giving up in the face of hopelessness.


Intervju med Madhi, 18 min
The film shows an interview with Mahdi, a Palestinian asylum seeker in Norway. The interview is shot next to the Palestinian Camp in Oslo by the Jakob Church, where more than 20 asylum seekers from Palestine kept a demonstration going about a year and a half, until the autumn 2012. Mahdi is talking about his adolescence in Gaza and about his encounter with Norway. He is talking about the fight for protection in Norway and the Palestinian Camp’s demonstration, which he initiated.


La meg bli, 4 min
Let me stay is made by «Sara» a 16 year old girl from Iran who has been living without papers in Norway for 5 years. Because of her history she has to remain anonymous.

You will find her page on Facebook by searching «La meg bli».

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